Set in a residential conservation area of a small market town, this project required complete re-landscaping of the car parking area, part of which had been tarmac, to alleviate drainage issues and provide a unified and robust surface.  It was the perfect opportunity to create new planting around the church to help connect the 60’s style building to its landscape.

The entrance now has a clearly defined block paved path with a border of planting which is teaming with life and there’s now interest throughout the seasons provided by herbaceous perennials, shrubs, grasses and bulbs.  Additionally, along the length of the church and hall two 60 metre borders run adjacent to the road and feature a line of traditional fastigate yew trees with groundcover plantings of white roses, grasses and bulbs.

The car park area is now laid to gravel using core gravel units in the central access point to allow for wheelchairs and comply with drainage regulations.

Contractor:  GRO Landscapes Ltd

Project completed January 2016

“Our new landscaped grounds have made a tremendous difference to the parish and the wider community”

Fr Peter, Parish Priest